星期二, 11月 20, 2007

This is life!

The day of back to TW is getting close and close.
Many things were happened here.
Something's good, something's not so good.
Met many many people here.
Some people have good memory, some people have not so good memory.
It is life. Even we have burden on our shoulder.Or we need suffer many things.
Or so admire others' life. That's still not your life.
And the truth is, life will go on.
That's the basic law of life.
We still need to hold smile to face it.
Even though we may meet many judgments.
But others cannot live for you, just like you cannot live others' life too.
Just face it.
Fantasy had gone.
Life will go on.................... I will miss this. My America dream.

Last day....

It was the last day of three of us would stay together.....
It was yesterday....
Everybody had different plan and we would not meet together again in America.
So that's it. We had good time.
Some person told me that where the story began, where the story would end.
And I think this is probably would be the end of story.
L and J came to our house, J bought duck and L cook for us.
It was so happy when we cook together and enjoy our time together.
After dinner we went to ice-skating at downtown SJ.
I guessed this was my second time to do ice-skating.
First time I did it with some of my college classmates.
This time I tried to remember some skill of ice-skating.
I had to say that I was not good at this specially I had O shape of leg.
And the shoes were not as good as in TW.
I kept moving my feet left and right and I was lucky that I could move a little bit.
Mike was the best of skater in all of us. 
S was a talented skater and L tried very hard to do it.
I don't know why, but I felt so happy when I skated on the ice.
I felt that I like a child... flying on the ice......
After I saw video of my skating. I felt myself looked like retarded .... haha...

Our last meal////...... Thanks L and J

星期六, 11月 10, 2007

Bowling game

Yesterday night was friday night, we went to SJUS to play bowling, video game and ping-pong.
Before that we ate dinner and play poker which punished by push up.
Thanks for James and Mike for preparing our dinner.
It's really delicious.
Wow..... yesterday night was a very health night.
It's so amazing that you can see many kinds of entertainment environment in SJUS.
I am so admire them and it's not expensive. One man for two game's bowling, only cost us 7.25 bulks.
Sometimes, I would go blowing with some of my best friends in Taipei.
Basically, I am not good at this game. Basically I don't think bowling is a sport.
Anyway, we had fun.
I always try to treat this game as a way to practice straight line.
After that we went to play some video game and ping-pong.
Oh... ping-pong....
I play ping-pong since senior high.... but I don't know why I cant control my physical strength yesterday.
I always play over the court. haha......
Anyway, James seems the best of us and he kept staying on the court.
Damn.... I have to say that I don't like the feeling of lose.
I mean I'm not always a winner but I am a fighter..... goal catcher, if I quote Dan's words.
I will focus what I want and pay my effort to get it.
I really really don't like that feeling as a loser... haha
Anyway..... through this game... I realize one thing inside me... and I try to figure out why or what should I do for this kind of situation.
Not only for the position of loser but it also remind me when I always want to be a winner.
I mean like a leader in a team or represent of a company or as someone important...
Damn,... I felt myself so arrogant..... 
I hate that......I cannot control my desire well.........
I mean that I don't want to  pour my desire off..... because that's why I keep spurring myself to be best.
But I got to learn how to control it than it control me, right?
It's an attitude that how you treat people and also a art of balance.
I hope that I can keep in my mind of the doctrine of mean....


星期五, 11月 09, 2007

Treat your work as final work

This is what my friend told me today.
This is a very very good attitude about working.

And this sentence recall me back to 10 years ago.
I went to a pastor's speech at Taipei.
I still could remember that all his speech had one simple message which is "Attitude decides your depth".
Attitude decides your depth, he kept saying that, attitude decides your depth.
This sentence went into my heart and I kept thinking about it.

Today my friend said a similar sentence to me.
I guess she felt I was not enjoy what I'm doing now.
Or she was trying to do something she was not familiar before.
I could see that she put many efforts on it and I believe she can do well.  

I admit that after this years' working.
I fell into a kind of situation that I felt that I kept doing similar thing now.
Maybe I can improve my skill or thought more.
But somehow I lost my interests on it.
I need something more...... more....

It also remind me that last time when I met Wang-hua.
People who full of passion are always remind me something.......

Thank you, my friend

星期三, 11月 07, 2007

When we dine together......

Today is our last two dine together party.
I felt that time goes so fast.
I still remembered that first time we met Charles and Sophia.
Charles took us to Cantonese restaurant at 19 Ave..
Wow..... It had been 5 months already.

What is my next step?   
Where I should go?
What I should choose?

This kind of questions keep floating on my mind.
I can see that in everybody's face were full of happiness and sadness.
That's another sweet and bitter thing.

星期一, 11月 05, 2007

Snowboard & skiing contest in AT&T park

Like I said, there was a Snowboard & skiing contest in AT&T park yesterday.
I went there with my friends.
It cost me 27 bulks.
Anyway, it's a really good experience specially I will not go snowboarding this time.
Man.... I wish I had more money.
Anyway, I will use pictures and videos to explain this event.

There were two different courts.
One is for BMX(bike which is used for technique performing) and skateboard, another one is for snowboarding and skiing.
We went to BMX first.
There were some support vender's tent there.
And I won one T-shirt from one tent,sun glasses form NAVY and drank many free energy drink.

I needed to do fifteen hang then I can get the NAVY sunglasses.
I don't need that but I want to try.
I did and it hurts my belly now.

This is BMX-pro performer.  

And this is skateboard-pro performer. 
After stay there for T-shirt and drink.
We moved to another court inside of AT&T park.
This is the snowboarding field.
It was so cooool....... 

This is how they perform their good moves.
I think high score is depend on what kinds of move you did and how hard of doing it.

This is all of us.
We also met Jane and Rumi.
But I think that I will not be allowed to put their picture here, haha.

And like usual, we will do something stupid.
This was what we tried to pretend ourselves is a catcher for catching a home-run.

星期日, 11月 04, 2007

Today's happy karaoke part 2

It's so interesting today.
We arranged today to go to skiing and snowboard contest at AT&T park(It's a baseball court).
On the way to our friend's studio(It's a kind of apartment and we decided to drive another car to SF).
We thought that it might be a good idea to ask Hermit joined us.
He said OK and after we arrived his house on the sea.
His roommate was cutting his hair and she mentioned that they will go to Karaoke in JP town tonight.
And we were so glad to join them even though we went Karaoke yesterday already.
I mean at least that I was so happy.
The contest in AT&T park was so good. I will post it here tomorrow.
In there I met Jane and Lumi and asked them to join us too.
After we arrived there at eight clock.
We were surprised that there had many of her classmate in there already.
Before she mentioned that it might be three people only.
Her classmates are Artists. 
It was so coooooool.
I love and admire artist.
That's part of my favorite thing on this world.
And more people mean more fun.

I saw they were kind boring.
Even thought I was starving(I had stomachache during that time)
So I sang a very excited cantonese song for them.
That one is a movie soundtrack and it's a good song for opening.
It helps people get excited about it. And they did.
I felt so happy.
Even thought it was first time to see most of them.
I might feel a little bit nervous but I'm still happy.
I sang many songs again, haha.
It helps me release some stress. Hope their ears were not hurt so much by my voice.
And I was so happy to see Jane stayed with us, too.
It was so long I had not seen her since I moved to SJ ba.
She used to treated me very nice and I always went to church with her.
I like her so much in friend's way( She had married).
And it was so good we met her and spent good time together.
Like I said yesterday that God know my limits and God help me when I need it.
I felt that I am full of grace now.
It was not only because so many fun here but also so many good friends surround me.
Thank you, my Jesus.

These were all of us.
You guys ROCK!!